Be Wary of Installers Who Are Becoming Salesman

We have found, in this economy, that contractors who used to simply install materials at the direction of a remodeling company are now heading into the home as salesmen.  When consumer confidence is low and our economy continues to slowly climb out of a recession, low pricing becomes more attractive to homeowners.   These installers are now scratching and clawing for the same leads that their remodeling partners (the company’s who are hiring them to complete the installation) are fighting for.  Isn’t this a case of “biting the hand that feeds you?”

We have heard from several of these homeowners that these “installers” are following a more professional company with one message – we will beat any price!  They are even asking for the homeowners proposals and telling them they will do exactly what is on their list.  Although some homeowners have taken this bait to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars, here are some things to consider before making that decision:

  • Is customer service important to you?  When the company you contract with is selling and installing the product there are several factors that you need to know.  They are not always on your job – they have to sell their next one right?  Homeowners have told us that the foreman is rarely on the job and crews often don’t show up in a given day without a phone call.  Furthermore, if an issue arises in the future will this type of company take care of you promptly?
  • You get what you pay for.  This old adage is certainly true in the remodeling industry & we are rarely proven wrong.
  • The “bottom feeders” or “fly by nighters,”are hurting the professional businesses who have successfully serviced homeowners for decades or generations.  The low price leaders are often and usually the first to go out of business.  When going project to project at or close to cost, it does not take much to break them…  In 8 months, when you call with a problem, will the cell phone be in service, will they return your call?
  • All costs are not created equal.  Sure, they might be licensed, bonded and insured.  But do they pay workers comp, do they share this license with others, are they a member of the BBB, do they contribute to their community in any way, manage a website & emails, have a safety and operations manual, do they have employees?  All of these things cost money and are a measure of the professionalism of a company.  We have heard of several complaints with the CSLB where installation type company’s share their license with 4-6 others (who are listed as officers of the business) and each one of the officers are running a crew and they get away with not having to pay workers compensation.  I am not a lawyer, but is this legal?  Certainly not the intent of CSLB and it certainly does not create a level playing field.
  • Are we telling you that the highest price will offer the best job and service – NO.  The company with the highest integrity, pride and most on the line will do the best and most for you!

3 Generations Improvements truly feel that we are that company.  We lead our business with integrity in mind, take great pride in the quality of our work and we have everything on the line!  We have our family to support and our legacy to uphold!  Our slogan “It’s not just your home, it’s our legacy” is not just a tagline to catch attention, it is a marching order and key to our success.  We will treat your home just like it is ours.  We are not interested in just a job, we are interested in furthering our legacy and creating relationships along the way…

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Jeremy Owens