3 Generations Receives High Audit Scores From James Hardie

We recently installed James Hardie’s premium Artisan FiberCement siding in Napa, CA.  This panel is meant to compete with the looks of Wood Cedar Siding.  With its 5/8″ thickness, tongue & groove joints and 30 year warranty, this may be the most desirable siding product in the market today! Notice the mitered corners in the picture below.

One of the reasons we frequently recommend Hardie products to our customers is that they have a great team of people who truly care about their products and care about the quality of the workmanship. They have an installation representative on staff and he asked us if he could audit our complex project in Napa – we said “sure.”  He spent several hours at the jobsite with his manager and they reported back to us that we did a great job and gave us a 97.37% audit score (please see a copy of the audit below) with the most complex panel they have!

The reason we are an Associate Contractor with James Hardie is not just this audit score or even that we take the time to train our crews.  It is because we care. We show up at the job frequently during the installation to assure the install is correct, we carryHardie’s installation manual in our cars and reference it when we need to, we call our rep or the installation manager when we have a question and we continually invest money and resources in training and learning.  It is rare to find contractors who deliver on their promises during the installation. “It’s not just your home, it’s our legacy…” is not just a fancy slogan, it’s a marching order and goal for every project we take on.