Why a Manufacturer Certified Contractor is Important to You

When attempting to hire a professional to install siding on your home, one of the first questions you should ask is – “are you certified to install this product.”  This should be an easy question to answer for the professional, but if it isn’t then a large red flag should be raised.

It is important for a contractor to be “certified” to install the products that he promotes for several reasons:

  1. To insure a proper installation.
  2. To prove that the contractor has invested time and money into learning about the product and in turn, the manufacturer should invest in the contractor.
  3. To protect one of the most important aspects to your new siding – your warranty! If you have to use your warranty the first question the manufacturer will ask is – “who installed your siding.”  Your answer is key – if you say, “I did,” or “Joe Blow Contractor” then you are likely to be disappointed on how much of your warranty is valid.  I have heard that entire warranties are voided due to installation errors.  If you answer “3 Generations Improvements,” then the manufacturer will recognize our name and see that we are certified to install their product and that we come highly recommended by the local manufacturer rep.

Our 4 most popular siding manufacturers are James Hardie, LP SmartSide, Alside Prodigy and CertainTeed.  We are certified and recognized by all of these manufacturers:

  1. James Hardie – Associate Contractor
  2. LP SmartSide – Platinum 5-starContractor – we are the only contractor in all of NorCal that can say this
  3. Alside Prodigy – Certified
  4. CertainTeed – 5-Star Contractor

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