Low-e Windows Continue to Melt Siding & Landscaping

We have had several calls of problems due to the Low-e coating in windows melting siding or even burning grass and fences.  This occurs in rare circumstances in which the position of the sun in comparison to the position of a window with this glass is creating a fine hot reflective heat source.  The video below is James Hardie’s take on the problem (click on link below).

We have brought this problem up to several window manufacturer’s and they point their finger to the glass company’s (there are only 2 large glass manufacturers in the US).  We have contacted one of these glass manufacturer’s and they point their finger to the window in which the glass is encased in along with current title requirements that do not give homeowners a choice on the type of glass they get in their home.  Whenever situations like this arise in the construction industry, especially when no one is taking responsibility and seemingly not doing anything about it, the problem will only get worse.  We can only hope that the technology that has made double-paned glass so efficient in recent years continues to advance until the problem is solved with new coating materials.  However, if this problem is happening to you, there are solutions beyond full siding replacement.  Installing a solar screen over the window or a tree to provide shade will solve the problem.

James Hardie: “Low-E Windows and Melting Vinyl Siding: A Homeowner Story”