Turf War Continues Between James Hardie & LP SmartSide

If you are a homeowner looking at replacement siding options for your home chances are you have heard of James Hardie Fiber Cement. If you have really done your homework I bet you have now heard of LP SmartSide engineered wood siding. These are the 2 most popular siding types in Northern California and there is not a close third place!

From a siding contractor’s point of view competition is good, and 2 great options to offer homeowners is even better. The result of this heated competition is some great and not so great advertising campaigns. James Hardie has been the “Big Dog” for several years now and they have never shied away from blasting their competition. Some of their recent ads, however, have been described as misleading and attacking. These aggressive advertising strategies have resulted in lawsuits all over the nation between these two – can’t we all just get along! LP is the newcomer and they have tried to stay away from attacking their competition, rather just showing results. Below is their latest video from a NASA test.