Our Business Style

I absolutely love this editorial from Patrick L. O’Toole in Qualified Remodeler Magazine (click link below).  As a staff we talk about being authentic and treating our clients just as we want to be treated.  We have not been “salesman” for over 10 years, meaning we do not sell a project on the first visit and we never, ever pressure anyone into buying.  Patrick said it better in the below article: “Many of the most successful remodelers have cultivated a business style that matches their personal style.  The result is a winning combination of authenticity and sincerity.” Logan, Kurt and I all have an easygoing and honest personality, so our easygoing presentation style fits right in. We all do our best to present ourselves in the most professional manner as possible, although Logan and I admittedly often look tired and disheveled (3 and 4 kids will do that sometimes).  Patrick states, “Who you are and who you present yourself to be says more about you than anything you can say.”  This is true not only when you first meet a new client, but when a part of the project goes awry.  It is not what we say that will create a truly satisfied customer, it is only what we do to make it right.  Being in the remodeling industry for 3 generations we have encountered our fair share of difficult projects.  But, I am proud of our team for acting on these philosophies and always keeping our slogan in mind – “It’s not just your home, it’s our legacy…”  


BMW Contractor