Causes of Siding Damage

Siding Damage

Siding damage is a common occurrence for homeowners. It can include everything from dents and scratches to sagging and holes. Signs of siding damage are usually relatively easy to recognize. Still, the causes may be more difficult for an untrained eye to spot. Common culprits often include impact damage from hail or wind-driven debris or rotting siding due to moisture that has been allowed to accumulate.

Causes of Siding Damage

Siding damage can be caused by various factors, which are preventable and easily repaired. Common causes of siding damage include extreme temperatures and weather conditions, inadequate maintenance, poor installation, improper ventilation, and wildlife or insect infestations.

Weather-Related Damage

Weather-related damage is one of the most common causes of siding damage. This includes hail, ice, snow and wind. In areas with frequent storms or extreme weather conditions, siding can become dented and cracked from hail stones or pressured by high winds, which can cause sections to come loose. Heavy rain and flooding damage siding, as moisture can lead to warping and rot. Extreme temperature changes due to cold winters or hot summers can cause the materials to expand and contract, leading to cracks in the siding. Finally, UV radiation from the sun can cause fading and discoloration of the siding over time. These weather-related issues can weaken siding, making it more prone to other types of damage.

Moisture Damage

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of siding. Too much moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow, compromising the integrity of your siding. Water can also weaken the material, making it more susceptible to damage from pests or other forces of nature.

Pest Damage

Insects, birds, and even rodents can cause significant damage to siding by pecking or chewing it away. Pests can also leave behind droppings that corrode the material and make it vulnerable to further harm over time. Treating your siding regularly can prevent these problems before they become serious.

Poor Installation

Incorrectly installed siding can cause various issues down the line. It can be easily damaged or torn off in strong winds when not adequately secured. Poor installation can also allow moisture to seep into your home’s walls and foundation, leading to mold growth and other structural damage.

Improper Ventilation

Poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup behind the siding, leading to mold growth and staining. Without adequate airflow, your home cannot circulate fresh air properly. This can cause your siding to deteriorate over time and become warped or discolored from moisture damage.

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