What to Consider When Picking Siding Color Combinations

Siding colors have come a long way since the basic whitewash or brown stain of 150 years ago. Now you can choose blue, yellow, brown of varying tints and hues, greens, grays, and even wilder and bolder colors like red, rust, or purple. Yet, what color of siding should you choose to install on your home now? Despite the fact that you might have personal preferences and leanings toward certain colors, there’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing a new siding color combo for your home.

What Is Your Goal With Your Color Choices?

It seems an odd question, but honestly, what is your goal with your color choices for siding? Do you want your house to stand out or be striking in appearance? Maybe you want your house to blend in with the rest of the neighborhood. Maybe you want some middle ground where your house is really pretty to look at but still fits in with the rest of the houses on the street. You can have both when you use a base color of siding that matches some of the other houses but then utilize a contrasting and striking color for the trim. 

Certain Color Combinations Can Be an Eyesore

The biggest issue with selecting colors you like is that they may not work together well once they are installed. Maybe the upper half of the siding on every wall is evergreen, but the rest of the siding is vibrant lake blue. It gets to be overwhelming and it’s a little hard to look at every day. Consider how the colors will look next to each other and then consider how one color might dominate the other. If you aren’t sure, consult with a design expert that can show you how your house would look with your chosen siding colors.

Check Out Current Siding Trends

Following a trend comes with risks. It may make your house look great now, but will it look dated in a decade? It’s worth it to check out siding trends, but you also want to find color combinations that are timeless and classic. The 3 Generations Improvements group can show you some trends and color combinations to give you ideas for your new siding.