2011-2012 Cost vs Value Report – ROI Analysis

Please read the below article released by James Hardie about the return on investment numbers when you install Fiber Cement.  Fortunately, the ROI numbers for most completed home improvements in Northern California are even better than the national averages.  Keep in mind these numbers are the costs recouped if home is sold, however, if the … Read more

Be Wary of Installers Who Are Becoming Salesman

We have found, in this economy, that contractors who used to simply install materials at the direction of a remodeling company are now heading into the home as salesmen.  When consumer confidence is low and our economy continues to slowly climb out of a recession, low pricing becomes more attractive to homeowners.   These installers … Read more

Why James Hardie

For the 6th Year in a Row, Re-Siding Your Home with James Hardie® Fiber Cement is the #1 Return on Investment Re-Side with James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding – The Best Choice. The Pros Know There are many other projects you can tackle, but only re-siding with fiber cement gives you the best return on … Read more

Energy Code and Energy Program Recognition

Complying with Energy Codes With the recognition that insulated siding provides insulating value that can ultimately lead to reduced energy use, a number of building and energy efficiency programs have recognized insulated siding as home insulation. The International Energy Conservation Code serves as the regulatory tool for energy-efficient construction. There are several sections of the … Read more