Be Wary of Installers Who Are Becoming Salesman

We have found, in this economy, that contractors who used to simply install materials at the direction of a remodeling company are now heading into the home as salesmen.  When consumer confidence is low and our economy continues to slowly climb out of a recession, low pricing becomes more attractive to homeowners.   These installers … Read more

Why James Hardie

For the 6th Year in a Row, Re-Siding Your Home with James Hardie® Fiber Cement is the #1 Return on Investment Re-Side with James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding – The Best Choice. The Pros Know There are many other projects you can tackle, but only re-siding with fiber cement gives you the best return on … Read more

Energy Code and Energy Program Recognition

Complying with Energy Codes With the recognition that insulated siding provides insulating value that can ultimately lead to reduced energy use, a number of building and energy efficiency programs have recognized insulated siding as home insulation. The International Energy Conservation Code serves as the regulatory tool for energy-efficient construction. There are several sections of the … Read more