What Are The Advantages Of Fibrex?

For those familiar with Fibrex they typically think of windows. And rightly so as it is used primarily for window frame components in place of vinyl. However, Fibrex has been used as a welcome replacement for wood and then aluminum about 40 years ago. What’s Great About Fibrex? Perhaps a better question to ask first … Read more

Fire-Resistant Is Not Fire-Proof, California Homeowners Discover

This is one of the best articles I have read regarding the California Wildfire crisis.  There will always be debate on who or what should be at fault for the recent uptick in wildfires in California – climate change, forest mismanagement, population growth or equipment failure (such as PG&E).  I think we can all agree … Read more

Remodelers Ranked No. 2 in Consumer Complaints in 2017, CFA Finds

Great article in Remodeling Magazine about consumer complaints in the remodeling industry.  If you go with the lowest bidder with very little credibility or online reviews you could be signing up for a nightmare!  Second only to automobiles – ouch!  It is time for consumers to take the power back by making smarter decisions when … Read more

What Is T1-11 Siding and Why Does It Fail?

Probably the most ubiquitous siding material used in residential construction, T1-11 siding reached its height of popularity in the 1960’s, 70’s and early 80’s. This was time when the trend for a more natural, wood-grained look was all the rage. The siding material of choice for many contractors, especially those building vast swaths of suburban … Read more

How to Use the Power of Online Reviews

Why the Power of Online Reviews is Good for Homeowners and Contractors Word of mouth has always been valued by business owners as a powerful and inexpensive means of advertising. Consumers appreciate referrals from people they trust when making buying decision. And while word of mouth and referrals are not a new thing, the advent … Read more