Siding Options: Cedar Vs. Redwood

Every home must have siding. Unless you have a real brick home, there is some type of siding on your house. Whether stucco, vinyl, metal, composite material or wood, siding is an essential component of a home’s construction. However, wood is the quintessential material not only for the “bones”, floors and top of a home, … Read more

Fire-Resistant Is Not Fire-Proof, California Homeowners Discover

This is one of the best articles I have read regarding the California Wildfire crisis.  There will always be debate on who or what should be at fault for the recent uptick in wildfires in California – climate change, forest mismanagement, population growth or equipment failure (such as PG&E).  I think we can all agree … Read more


If you have more than several days per year of freezing temperatures and especially if you often times have snow pack sit against your siding, the below article is for you!  We work in the South Lake Tahoe area often, and we have first hand experience and knowledge of how hard snow and freezing temperatures … Read more