Fiber Cement Siding

Thank you so much for a job well done. Our house, though 19 years old, looks brand new.  We have received many positive comments on its appearance since the work was completed.

The house is much quieter with the insulation material that is part of the siding.  We notice our heat does not go on nearly as often as it used to at this time of year.

Thank you for completing the job promptly and yet thoroughly.  The workers were careful to clean the worksite every night, as they finished the day’s work.  This was much appreciated by us, as it minimized the appearance that our property was undergoing a major renovation.

We appreciate the presentation you gentlemen made to my wife and I regarding the various products in your line and the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We are confident that we made the best choice for us, after careful consideration of the options presented to us.  We feel that our house has gained more equity than we spent for the product, as its appearance has been enhanced considerably.

We are also thankful that there was so much supervision of the work on both your parts throughout the entire project and communicating to us at each step what the next series of steps would be.

The workers arrived promptly at 8AM and stayed until after dark many times. They were respectful of our privacy inside our home and were careful not to damage any of our plants that were close to the house.

Overall, the quality of the workmanship, your hands-on approach to supervision, and the speed with which the project was completed was such a pleasant surprise that we would be happy to recommend you to any one of our friends, neighbors or relatives.

Thanks again.

Dr. Fred & Karen Delgado Folsom, CA February 14, 2011