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Vallejo Fiber Cement Siding, Windows & Decking

We finally had a chance to see the house last weekend and we absolutely love it.  Thank you very much for all of your hard work.  It was exactly what we had imagined when we first started the project.

Thank you for suggesting that the windows be replaced.  They were never on our list of improvements and had we went with another company, we never would have thought twice about it.  The new windows are definitely a huge improvement, and it actually reduces the sunlight that beams into the house during the afternoon hours.  We also loved the moulding that the team put around our sliding glass doors within the interior of the house.  With just the windows alone, we were happy with the project. 

We have already received several comments on the two-tone look to our siding and have been asked how we came up with the idea.  We have all referred them to you and hopefully they will make the right decision. 

The work that your team completed in the two weeks that they were at the house was amazing. The additional work that was completed as a way to enhance the work just showcases your dedication to the project.  The vents on the sides of the house for the garage crawl space were really run down and to have them replaced and shaped to fit the pipes that enter the house was just great to see. 

We’d also like to thank Jeremy for taking the time to visit the store we purchased our garge door from to examine the colors to ensure that it matched the color of the shake. 

We wanted a deck that people would be able to spend  time and enjoy the view of the Carquinez Straits.  We never thought of expanding the deck until Kurt mentioned it.  The additional square footage to the deck really turned it from a small balcony into an area where one can actually sit down and enjoy the outdoors.  The use of TimberTech was an added bonus and we love the look of the iron bars instead of using wood. The deck, as well as the windows and siding, all have extra touches that really made the project great.

We met with 4 different companies over the span of the past five years while thinking about this project and two of them were just going to apply the siding over the old rotten siding that we had on the house.

The other company that was similar to yours lacked the breakdown and analysis you provided with your meeting.  Beyond a thorough contract, you actually had a printout of the work that we would have done, complete with pictorials of the process and print outs of our hosue with different color schemes.  Your explanation and visual aides helped in letting us know that you were the company to go with. 

Thank you for all of the hard work.  We will definitely keep you in mind for all future projects and we will know where to refer people.

Warm wishes,

Viliami & Amelia Vallejo, CA February 14, 2011

Benicia Vinyl Siding Project

It has been a genuine pleasure meeting you and doing business with 3 Generations Improvements. 

Your explanation of the products you sell, and the entire initial visit was a learning experience, that helped me gather other bids.  No one came close to the knowledge you demonstrated or the detail you offered.  No one came close to matching your low bid either. 

The installation was completed in four days.  Your equipment was impressive!  Your equipment bridged a 20′ glass solarium in the back of my house – without touching it. 

Your crews were awesome!  Each day the foreman told us when he arrived and said good bye when he left.  He regularly checked if I had any problems.  Each night everything was cleaned up.

There were no problems!

It is without reservation that I recommend 3 Generations Improvements.

A truly satisfied customer.

Russell Benicia, CA February 14, 2011

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