Which Home Remodeling Projects Are Worth Your Money?

Good article from US News.  The Return on Investment (ROI) for siding right now is 88-99% (depending upon the product you select) and windows 96-98% in Northern California! Before you splurge on that dream kitchen or add an extra family room, make sure you’ll add to the value of your house. Homeowners should pursue projects … Read more

3 Generations Improvements Ranked Nationally!

In the August 2014 issue of Remodeling Magazine they completed their annual list of the biggest remodeling companies in the U.S. and 3 Generations Improvements is now ranked #142 in the Replacement Contractor category.  We are so proud to be recognized nationally – hard work does pay off! See the article from the magazine below. … Read more

Could Your Home Be Making Your Family Sick?

Please take a look at the below article posted by Progressive Foam.  We have had several homeowners lately with one of the below problems causing allergy or headache symptoms.  We have found that most of the time the problems are due to poor ventilation and excessive moisture holding in the wall cavity which causes mold spore growth. We … Read more

5 Strange Signs The Economy is Improving

Instead of buying new underwear, splitting up or getting a face lift why not put new energy efficient siding or windows on your house.  Or, how about that deck face lift that has been needed for 5 years!  3 Generations Improvements is ready to install a new home at the same address for you!  Contact … Read more

How Much Insulation Is Enough?

Recommended residential insulation levels by climate zone POSTED ON MAR 1 2012 BY ALEX WILSON Most leading energy experts today recommend installing a lot more insulation than is common practice. This wall for a Passive House in Seattle will hold about a foot of insulation. I’m often asked the question, “How much insulation should I … Read more

2011-2012 Cost vs Value Report – ROI Analysis

Please read the below article released by James Hardie about the return on investment numbers when you install Fiber Cement.  Fortunately, the ROI numbers for most completed home improvements in Northern California are even better than the national averages.  Keep in mind these numbers are the costs recouped if home is sold, however, if the … Read more